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woman giving other woman Shiroabhyanga - Indian head massage
closeup of woman's  holding a purple flower close to her heart with both hands-SKIND Ayurvedic cleansing & reconnecting programme
Ayurvedic spice box  MASALA DABA
Ayurvedic spice box MASALA DABA Sale priceFrom CHF 65.00
afro-american woman receiving ayruvedic back cleanse with herbal powder
BACK Cleanse and Massage Sale priceCHF 185.00
BOWL big & spoon mangowood
BOWL big & spoon mangowood Sale priceCHF 15.00
BOWL small & spoon mangowood
BOWL small & spoon mangowood Sale priceCHF 12.00
bride with brown long hair holding a bouquet of flowers looking at them
Callus Nano Glas File
Callus Nano Glas File Sale priceCHF 19.00
Comb Meridian & scalp green sandelwood
close up of a woman in a beige dress in front of a beige wall holding creme-coloured flowers in her handsVIRTUAL Ayurvedic Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle consultation
COPPER Bottle artwork
COPPER Bottle artwork Sale priceCHF 55.00
COPPER Bottle plain
COPPER Bottle plain Sale priceCHF 45.00
Crystal Sale priceCHF 19.00
CRYSTAL EYE Mask Sale priceCHF 120.00
CRYSTAL FACE Mask Sale priceCHF 220.00
CRYSTAL Mushroom massage tool
CRYSTAL Mushroom massage tool Sale priceCHF 35.00
CRYSTAL ROLLER Deep Sale priceCHF 95.00
CRYSTAL ROLLER Spiky Sale priceCHF 85.00
CRYSTALS GLAS Bottle Sale priceCHF 65.00
woman receiving face-mask treatment with a natural botanical, Ayurvedic herbal paste
woman receiving face-mask treatment with a natural botanical, Ayurvedic herbal paste
woman enjoying a back cleanse with ayurvedic herbs - a detoxing body scrub massage
woman's face receiving a natural eyelash lifting
Eyelash & Eyebrows Sale priceFrom CHF 35.00
Face mask & earth exfoliant PRTHVI I EARTHING 120ml
woman receiving an Ayurvedic Mukhabhyanga - head, scalp and face massage
close-up of woman's face receiving a micro needling treatment
FACE Microneedling Sale priceCHF 350.00
Face Sponge 1 Pair
Face Sponge 1 Pair Sale priceCHF 9.00
FACIL Sale priceCHF 0.00
Follow up consultation at SKIND done in ritual way
woman's hands performing pulse diagnostic on other woman's hand, ayurvedic herbs and tea
Full initial Holistic SKIN Health Consultation & first TREATMENT, offered by Cornelia
Gua sha   Gem Massage tool white Jade
rose quartz gua sha tool held on women's face
rose quartz gua sha tool held on women's face
woman receiving a reflexology face massage with a golden reflexology tool - stimulating the marma points ion her face
Is clinical Retinol 0.3 Sale priceCHF 120.00
Is clinical Retinol 1.0 Sale priceCHF 175.00
close-up of brown dried flowers
Ayurvedic Kaash foot massage
Kaash Foot Massage Sale priceCHF 120.00
Kansa Ayurvedic Massage tool
Kansa Ayurvedic Massage tool Sale priceCHF 72.00
blonde woman with natural make-up looking to the side
Make Up Sale priceFrom CHF 85.00
Mask Brush Sale priceCHF 8.00
Ayurvedic Nabhi Chikitsita - navel treatment