Understanding oneself as part of a whole – existing in harmony with the universal elements, vibration and energy of our planet Earth. Our utmost goal is to reestablish this meaningful, natural connection to oneness. Because we ARE nature.


Nature is showing us everyday that a pure state of being is simple, raw and authentic. Through civilization we lost this beautiful connection to mother nature, and thus, our true self and the simple state of “being”. We lost the ability to understand ourselves as a whole in harmony with nature.The biggest tragedy, however, is that we lost the natural connection to ourselves. Our vision is to lead you not only back to the roots of nature, but also back to the harmonious state of oneness within yourself and within all that exists.


To honor our vision, we developed a unique approach to organic, ayurvedic and holistic healing that unifies body, mind and soul that allows you to return to a pure state of authentic “being”. With our programs, treatments and products, we stimulate internal healing processes based on the traditional Ayurvedic principles - to enable emotional, energetic, mental, physical as well as soul-level healing.


By living our core values, we help spread the riches of empathy and kindness along with their nurturing and flourishing abilities. Our offerings are designed to bring holistic healing – not just to anyone who encounters them, but also to the earth and the beautiful hearts who are less fortunate.You are not only supporting a small business, but also a sustainable less-waste philosophy and our heartfelt ethics of supporting Indian women in need through our partner charity organization Kudumashree.