The skin is the first physical manifestation of internal conflicts. We experience skin problems without knowing that the skin is just mirroring our inner state of being, our inner health.

In our treatment we strive to establish inner harmony and balance by stimulating the skin and the connected nervous system in a way that may trigger an energetic shift towards holistic healing from within. A radiant and healthier skin is just the beautiful byproduct.

it's whole (istic)

Stress and negative emotions can put our skin out of balance. Just as we ourselves can be categorised into doshas (life forces) – so can our skin, but independent from our own dosha. Skin issues such as acne or rosacea indicate that the doshas of the skin are out of balance.

Through the ancient wisdom of Ayuveda we strive to bring your skin back into balance by using the right herbs, massage and trigger point techniques that promote a healthy nervous system.

woman pouring medical Ayurvedic oil into her hand from a copper carafe
woman's face receiving a natural eyelash lifting

it's more than a facial

Our treatments can be a self-healing and holistic spiritual experience. We incorporate healing crystals and energy healing modalities into our treatments:

A sacred space of general chakra alignment can be established through reiki energy and the careful placement of energetically charged crystals on the whole body throughout the treatment. We also use our very own curated and designed crystal healing tools such as gua sha tools and gem face rollers.

it's related to emotions

The skin is one of the greatest indicators of our state of mind. External stimulations of the nervous system through the skin can have a direct effect on our emotions, mood, and energy.

Through stimulating the skin we can initiate deep emotional changes within - transmuting those stored and trapped emotions, releasing them and turning them into a permanent smile.

close up of a woman's leg with body wax on it and hands ready to put a sheet of paper on it to perform body wax hair removal
woman receiving natural eyebrow forming

it's the power of nature

We solely use our own herbal back-bar of organic, ayurvedic, raw and natural formulations, powders, hydrosols, tinctures, infusions and oils, that are full of seasonal herbal compounds and exclusively curated by Cornelia, our founder.

Most of our herbal ingredients come directly from our very own organic botanical gardens in India - without any third parties involved, we plant, grow, dry and process our very own plants and herbs that we use for our formulations.

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it's as unique as you

No two people receive the same skin-health treatment.

We treat by the principle that every human being is unique with their individual needs. Each treatment is completely customised and more of a personal holistic healing experience rather than just a treatment.

woman mindfully holding a bouquet of wild flowers close to her heart


Cornelia Fäh