"We may have all come on different ships, but we are in the same boat now."

- Martin Luther King JR.

Meet the beautiful souls that spread "SKINDNESS" on their own journeys - unified to a team that roots for each other and watches each other grow.

woman with brown hair wearing beige clothes holding a wild flower bouquet next to her face and placing one hand on her heart looking into the camera

founder OF SKIND - AYURVEDIC HEALTH SPECIALIST and Holistic Skin therapist


For me, as nature connects with us human beings, it transmits its heartbeat, amplifies its silence. Nature is more than just a stage - it is the invention of love. Cornelia is the leading force in ayurvedic holistic health & organic skin therapies in Switzerland: "I share, teach, practice and inspire holistic living fusing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to live a happy & nourished life!"



“Through my work at SKIND, I have the wonderful opportunity to do good for others - enable a moment of relaxation and influence their energy levels in a positive way.”Loredana is our Skin Therapist and Holistic Aesthetician. With her balanced nature, she creates a space to relax and immerse into a state of receiving.

woman performing a holistic beauty treatment on another woman
blonde woman wearing beige cotton dress holding a crystal singing bowl in her hand

Breath Therapist


When I am in nature, I remember what real life is" - Ani traveled the world for a couple of years with no home base, but always found a sense of home and belonging in nature.She offers her signature breathing, emotional release & sound therapies in our beautiful studio.

TRUSTEE & Partner


Alexandra is not only the trustee and expert in numbers and administration, she's also a true “can do” person and the partner behind SKIND."Nature gives me the necessary peace to master the hectic of everyday life. I need water, lakes, sea, rivers to live - to be myself. It gives me a piece of strength and pure freedom”.

woman sitting at the desc in a beige atmosphere smiling
man sitting at a wooden desc smiling

General Management & marketing


Cornelia and Manaf met while working for the same charity organisation in India.Manaf manages the brand in the back office and all things in technology, finance and accounting for SKIND.Growing up in India he developed a pure connection to mother nature - “it’s a communication with the earth - when we give something to the soil with love and prayers, you can see it grow”.



Milena is an allrounder fairy and a true creative. She is, amongst other things, responsible for the beautiful images that she took as a photographer for the website.“I care for SKIND as SKIND cares for me. I feel connected to nature and all humans that find the way to mindful, holistic harmony for body and soul.”

blonde woman arranging a dried flower bouquet smiling into the camera