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COPPER Bottle artwork

Sale priceCHF 55.00

SKIND presents you the Copper water bottle, with an artwork specially coated with lacquer for longer lasting of its original shining and protection from leakage and damage, we at SKIND are committed to continuously improve the quality of our products for the benefit of its customers.

Best for all skin care enthusiasts, this Copper has several beneficial effects, including acting as an anti-oxidant, stimulating the brain's functioning, and fighting bacteria and toxins. It is also helpful for your digestive system and your immune system, making water more alkaline and slowing the ageing process.

This is the best bottle for people who wish to lead an active and healthy life. Even when turned upside down, this bottle's new and enhanced cap maintains a watertight seal. Featuring a gorgeous design, this copper water bottle artwork is crafted from pure copper. This copper bottle, like all of our others, has been created with love and attention, making each one unique. 

Benefits of drinking SRSR Pure Copperized Water:

  1. Prevents water-borne diseases
  2. Helps the digestive system to perform well
  3. Aids in weight loss 
  4. Slows down aging 
  5. Good for cardiovascular health
  6. Maintains hemoglobin level
  7. Regulates the working of the thyroid glands
  8. Stimulates the brain 
COPPER Bottle artwork
COPPER Bottle artwork Sale priceCHF 55.00