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Face mask & earth exfoliant PRTHVI I EARTHING 120ml

Sale priceCHF 12.00

PLEASE NOTE: Our products are on pre-sale which means they are still exclusively in the making with love and intention. You can already order them and we will send you a notification as soon as these precious gifts of nature are ready to be shipped. 

Earth & botanical powder formula - a brightening powerhouse.

Our PRTHVI Face Skin Mask & Exfoliant Earth can be used for all tridoshas. It aims to balance the skin with the power and grounding abilities of the earth. PRTHVI can support healthy skin turnover and reduce redness, inflammation and might fade acne scars and discolouration. 

  • for all tridoshas
  • can rejuvenate, purify and calm all skin types
  • can reduce redness & inflammation
  • can brighten & even skin tone
  • can support healthy skin turnover
  • can fade acne scars and discolouration

Put 1/2 tsp. of the powder into a small wooden bowl. Add 1 tsp botanical mist or pure water, blend it to paste, and apply a thin layer on your skin. Relax and leave it on for about 10min. Massage and rinse off with warm water.

PRTHVI is a purified, high-frequency skin care product which might not only work on the physical level, but also on the energy body.

A little goes a long way - our products are so rich and pure that you only need a very small amount - a sustainable investment into your skin, your health, and conscious sustainability.

This premium face mask would be a wonderful addition to your holistic face care routine and help you get closer towards the love of nature. 

Our products are also refillable at our studio in Zurich - simply bring your empty bottles and we will be happy to give you a fresh refill. 

Face mask & earth exfoliant PRTHVI I EARTHING 120ml
Face mask & earth exfoliant PRTHVI I EARTHING 120ml Sale priceCHF 12.00