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Abhyanga & Shiroabhyanga - Body & Head massage

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Experience the blissful rejuvenation of Abhyanga Massage, a traditional Ayurvedic therapy known for its profound healing and relaxation benefits. This full-body massage is performed with warm organic herbal oils selected specifically for your unique constitution and actual state of health, allowing for a deeply nourishing and therapeutic experience.

In Ayurveda, Abhyanga is considered one of the most important pillars for maintaining health. It is a rejuvenating treatment that helps strengthen the tissues, improve circulation, promote vitality, reduce toxins, alleviate stress, and much more.

Our Abhyanga & Shiroabyhanga treatment can be the ultimate holistic therapy for relaxation & mental calmness and is one of the signature therapies of traditional Ayurveda. During the Abhyanga Massage, gentle pressure using long, rhythmic strokes that cover the entire body. The warm herbal oils penetrate deeply into the skin, revitalising the body and balancing the doshas. This holistic massage not only promotes physical well-being but also provides a sense of mental and emotional harmony

We use 100% organic and raw Ayurvedic herbal oils to nourish your skin, body, hair and scalp to relax the mind with natural scents. This treatments helps to let go of tension in the head, neck and upper back area and whole body.  

In each treatment, we work holistically - not only aiming to relieve physical, but also mental ailments. Explore what we treat here