Hair & scalp oil SANTVANA I SOOTHING 240ml

CHF 95

Antioxidant-rich & calming botanical blend for hair & skin.

"Our scalp is often neglected, not knowing that it is the home of important neural pathways. With our SANTVANA Hair & Scalp Oil, you can give your hair and scalp the natural and organic nourishment it deserves - it can stimulate growth and create strong and beautiful hair from within. Feel the beautiful cocoon of soothing protection - 100% natural, organic, Ayurvedic, pure & raw.

• for all tridoshas
• can cleanse and soothe an itchy & sensitive scalp

Brush your hair with a natural brush to stimulate your scalp. Then, gently massage a small amount of our SANTVANA oil on your scalp and hair. Feel the soothing nourishment of this cocooning treatment.

The organic alchemy - Tamanutamanu, pomegranates, sesame, argan, castor& coconut oil.
This hair oil prevents hair & scalp from fungus, bacteria & other microbial, along with its wound healing abilities. It can also help heal scars and skin breaks on your scalp. In addition, the omega-6 fatty acids in the oil help the skin to ensure a healthy skin barrier by complementing the scalp's natural supply of ceramides & lipids. It moisture & nourish the hair and scalp."

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