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Padha Abhyanga - Ayurvedic foot massage (add on treatment) 20 min

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Experience the ultimate relaxation experience by enhancing your booked facial treatment with Padha Abhyanga, a relaxing addition that will elevate your expereince to new heights of bliss. Imagine this: while your face is being pampered, your tired feet are simultaneously treated to a revitalizing Padha Abhyanga massage.

Padha Abhyanga, an ancient Ayurvedic foot massage, relaxes and rejuvenates your feet while harmonizing your entire body. This therapeutic technique uses gentle yet invigorating strokes to stimulate marma points in your feet, promoting overall wellness and revitalization from head to toe.

Adding Padha Abhyanga to your facial treatment doubles your relaxation and enhances the benefits of both treatments. Feel the tension melt away as we balances your energy and improves circulation, leaving you feeling grounded, rejuvenated, and utterly pampered.

Treat yourself to this perfect combination of facial and foot massage, and leave with a radiant glow, relaxed body, and rejuvenated spirit.