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Nasal Yeti

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Nasal Yeti is a technique that helps maintain nasal hygiene by cleaning the nostrils, removing bacteria, dirt and mucus. As the nose is considered to be a delicate tissue, Nasal yeti helps people to get relief from cold, allergies and even some asthma conditions. In fact, ayurveda considered it to be the best method to get rid of health conditions such as sinusitis, migraines, headaches, and ear problems. Nasal Yeti also helps with upper respiratory tract problems, sore throat and dry coughs. 

For holistic healing, SKIND’s Nasal Yeti gets used to follow ancient practices as an ayurvedic treatment in which an all-natural saline solution dissolved in lukewarm water gently opens up, cleanses, soothes and moisturizes your nasal passages. It helps remove excess mucus, dirt, pollen and other irritants. Neti Pots have been used by practitioners of Yoga and Ayurveda for centuries. Yoga Gurus claim it cleanses the energy channels, balances your right and left hemispheres, and is the foundation upon which true yogic practice can come to fruition. The Yeti Pot model is designed for no spills, no mess and easy flow.

Benefits Nasal Yeti

  • Helps in Nasal Congestion, Nasal Allergies and Sinusitis
  • Nourishes and Strengthens all the five sense organs - ears, eyes, nose, tongue and throat
  • Enhances Respiratory Immunity
  • Tridoshashama, anti-inflammatory and gives strength to the nerves
  • Calms the Brain and the Nerve
Nasal Yeti
Nasal Yeti Sale priceCHF 29.00