Mouth oil SVASTHA I HEALTH 240ml

CHF 90

 The ancient Ayurvedic oral care & therapy.

"In Ayurveda, mouth hygiene is a holistic whole-body cleansing and detoxification process. Oil pulling is an ancient practice to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and your whole being. Pure oil is crucial for this process.

• for all tridosha
• oral care - can cleanse & detoxify the body
• improve immunity

Our SVASTHA mouth oil balances all three doshas.

After brushing your teeth, use the amount of 3 Tbsp and hold them in your mouth or pull through your teeth for 5-20min (start with 5 min and work yourself up to 20 min). After that, scrub your tongue with our copper tongue scraper.

The organic alchemy - sesame oil, coconut oil, neem oil & tamanu, nutmeg mint & cinnamon. These oils are great for oil pulling. It protects your skin inside the mouth from fungus, bacteria & other microbial as well it gives to help detox the toxin from your body. It helps to reduce bad breath, prevent cavities, reduce inflammation and improve gut health. So to start your day with oil pulling would be the best start to caring for your well-being."


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