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Signature Crystal healing facial therapy

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Experience a holistic healing ritual for a glowing skin, body and soul. 

We strive to break down stagnant energy and activate the nervous system - stimulating it through healing touch and reflexology techniques to reach your subconscious and your spirit - aiming to initiate deep healing from within. We strive to stimulate blood flow, increase circulation, drain the lymphatic system to promote cellular repair and regenerate tissue.

The careful placement of crystal tools helps us to go a little deeper: we aim to rebalance your whole energetic system, purify your aura from negative energy and calming and relaxing your whole spirit - building a strong healing balance between the physical body and the emotional plane. It is not just a facial. It can rather be a deep healing experience.

In each treatment, we work holistically - not only aiming to relieve physical, but also mental ailments. Explore what we treat here

  • deep silky oil cleansing
  • soul-nurturing green tea and jasmine aroma steam
  • deep cleansing with plant enzyme peelings, clay and red algae, sandalwood and mint
  • botanical power food for the skin with Centella asiatica
  • revitalization and stimulation of the skin through borage and frankincense
  • deep collagen synthesis
  • stimulating acupressure massage with rose quartz and selected crystals which relax the muscles and deep tissues
  • support of the lymphatic flow and dissolution of toxins
  • chakra opening and the release of energetic blockages


Suitable for anyone that: 

  • experiences a lot of stress and seeks release
  • seeks an expansion of their consciousness and spirituality through a ritual-like treatment
  • is on a personal healing journey
  • experiences sadness, depression, or burnout and wants to welcome more joy and happiness into their lives


The treatment can offer relief from:

  • Insomnia
  • Neuralgia
  • tired eyes caused by eye strain
  • sinus congestion
  • tension headaches and tension in the jaw migraines, and neck pain
  • Tension held in the facial muscles - deeply relaxing got the body and mind as a whole


The treatment can offer relief from any conditions related to: Stress

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Tiredness
  • Feelings of being stuck in patterns or any life situations


The treatment can cause:

  • healing and rejuvenation for skin, body and mind Resolution of pain through tension
  • Resolution of stagnant energy, also our life-force sexual energy
  • Resolution of tension in the face and throughout the body
  • An increase in blood flow
  • Improvement of the condition of the skin
  • A boost in immunity


The treatment can cause:

  • A deep connection to self and higher self
  • Expansion of your consciousness
  • More balance and mindfulness Happiness and deep relaxation