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Tongue Scrapper

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Tongue scraping is a common practice in Ayurveda holistic therapy, a traditional system of medicine from India. Ayurvedic wisdom suggests that the accumulation of toxins, bacteria, and dead cells on the tongue can cause bad breath, dental problems, and other health issues. Tongue scraping is believed to remove these impurities, improve digestion, and promote overall oral and systemic health.

Engineered to provide a remarkably effective means of cleansing one's tongue.  SKIND’s Tongue Scraper is the best option for people to take care of their bad breath and preserve their dental health because it is specifically made for cleaning the tongue. One of the most common causes of foul breath is a dirty tongue, so it's important to practise good oral hygiene every day. Copper's antimicrobial capabilities are used in SKIND's tongue cleaner.

Oral health is of the utmost importance as it reflects the health of your body’s systems. Daily Ayurvedic practice of scraping the tongue clears harmful bacteria’s and buildup. Copper has been used for this purpose for centuries due to its high antibacterial properties. By removing the bacteria that produce bad breath and drawing ama, or poisons, out of the body, and by activating the taste buds, tongue cleansing can also aid with digestion. 

The copper used in the construction of the SKIND Tongue Scapper guarantees to be of the highest quality. Carefully crafted by skilled artisans, this one-of-a-kind item is specially designed to eliminate harmful germs on the tongue and maintain good oral hygiene.This tongue cleaner, made from 100% pure copper, is a superior alternative to cheap plastic ones. 

It protects against tooth decay, boosts immune system health, and facilitates digestion.

Benefits of tongue scrapper

  • Eliminates halitosis or bad breath
  • Reduces Bacterial Load
  • Helps improve the sense of taste
  • Gives pleasant and fresh feeling
Tongue Scrapper
Tongue Scrapper Sale priceCHF 15.00