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Article: Emotions & your Skin health

Emotions & your Skin health

Emotional balance for all living beings is essential to be healthy. Emotional distress like excessive sadness, stress, depression, anxiety, and anger affects your breathing, sleeping, and eating patterns to general consciousness. Bad emotions also tend to take intoxicants in many people. It is also bad for your entire health system. The recovery and treatment also take time to get real results. Excessive emotional distress destroys your healthy eating habits, awareness, and sleep patterns & these all tend to destroy your skin & entire health system.
Our skin health and our emotions are very relatable. We now get that our mood does show up on our faces.

"Skin indicates our state of mind. Your skin maintains its clarity and even adopts an all-over radiance and a healthy flush. When your face is stressed, your adrenal glands secrete hormones, including cortisol, epinephrine, and small
amounts of testosterone, which can trigger excess oil production decreased
immunity and increased blood in your vessels (which can cause undereye
circles and puffiness) and cortisol can lower the energy of your skin cells. And reduce stress response and damage to the skin cells.

Reducing physical & mental stress will help to improve Gut health, the microbiome & elimination pathways. Reduce Toxic overload; from the inside & out. These are the things you have to do to keep the emotional balance and health. So, my conclusion is we should cocoon ourselves with a healthy food diet, sleeping patterns, physical activities, and healthy social networks to keep up our moods that's the real secret and magic for healthier physic and soul. If we look at real, inside out healthy people, we see this as a common factor.


“Gratitude heals “
"Be mindful in everything that we engage, and mindfulness plays a role in our physical, mental & social health."

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