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Article: What is dosha

What is dosha

VATA PITTA KAPHA - दोष "Dosha”

Before we know our skin type, we must first understand the body's metabolic elements दोष "Dosha." 

How to identify your dosha type? In Ayur, bodily humour, three main metabolic types make up a person's constitution. These are called "doshas," the essential forces behind any living being's physical, mental, and emotional expression. The doshas are three called "Vata," "Pitta," and "Kapha." 



The Vata dosha is a blend of air and space. Vata people are creative, active, and changeable. They're always on the go! They may take on many different activities and tire easily, requiring much sleep. They are physically Angular, slim or lean, long-limbed, and may have dry skin. They may not be interested in eating properly. They are also "idea people," with creative problem-solving skills and unique solutions. Imbalance in Vata can result in excess anxiety, confusion, nervous energy and fear. The physical results are insomnia, gas, constipation and poor bodily circulations.



The Pitta dosha is combined with fire and water. They are competitive, driven and find perfection in everything and the qualities of a teammate! However, they can behave overly aggressive & jealous. They are physically muscular and strong with warm hands. They are very dependable on appetites. Because of the fire in this dosha, Pitta individuals tend to have high temperatures and are sensitive to direct heat & sunlight. An increase in Pitta can cause anger and a high temper. The imbalance in Pitta shows physical signs they are acne, cold sores, ulcers, indigestion, and skin irritations. 



The Kapha dosha is a blend of water and earth. They are calm, kind and caring. They're the ones who are always empathic. They can be lazy as well as over-attachment with people. Other things like moving slowly and excellent memory are other noticeable characteristics. They are big-boned and amply built, with large, soft eyes and always having cool hands. They love food, but they can manage long without food. Imbalanced Kapha shows depression, withdrawal and reclusive tendencies. Physically, this can lead to gaining more weight, lethargy, and excess mucus — resulting in coughs, sinus infections, and other congestion-related disorders. 

We can figure out your dosha by looking into our physical & mental characteristics, personality traits, food & activity, and mind & emotions. In this, we have to look up 36 factors.



Characteristics that can identify your dosha type

To Identify your dosha, you need to deeply understand your physical, biological and mental characteristics; with the support of an Ayurvedic practitioner, you can easily identify. 

Dosha types are categorized based on physical, biological and mental characteristics. 


  1. Is your height is it taller or shorter than average? How large & your body frame is slim and light, with thin muscles or moderate and symmetrical, well-developed muscles or Large and ample, with strong muscles.
  2. Your weight is Below average or Average or Above average. Is that hard to gain weight or easy to maintain weight, or hard to lose weight? 
  3. Is your skin texture Dry, rough, thin, prone to goosebumps, Warm and oily, easily irritated or inflamed or Cool, clammy, and thick?
  4. Is your eyes small, dry, active or piercing; sensitive to light or Large and soft? 
  5. Is your hair dry and brittle; easily knotted or medium texture and oily; tendency toward thinning or grayling or thick and oily; abundant?
  6. Are your teeth crooked or protruding, receding gums or moderately sized, with a tendency toward yellowing red or bleeding gums or White, strong, well-formed, hearty gums. 
  7. Are your nails dry, rough, and brittle; they break easily or soft, pink, flexible, and lustrous or thick, smooth, shiny, and hard. 
  8. If your joints are prominent, they crack easily or medium, loose, flexible or large and well-padded. 
  9. Is your hands are Thin; long fingers with prominent knuckles or medium; warm, pink, and soft or large and thick; smooth knuckles. 
  10. Your body temperature can be cold, especially in the hands and feet, and you may have poor bodily circulation or Cool; or clammy.
  11. Is your urine tends to be Scanty, clear or abundant, yellow or a moderate amount, concentrated colour.
  12. Mostly get sick in the form of pain and inflammation or fever and skin irritations, such as cold sores or Congestion. 
  13. You not comfortable with cold, dryness, wind you prefer warm weather or heat, blazing sunshine, fire; you prefer cool, well- Ventilated rooms. 


Personality Traits Like

  1. Is your speech tends to be fast and frequent or sharp and cutting or slow and melodious or In general, you are mostly 
  2. Are you active, busy, hustling, changeable, or nervous or Ambitious, motivated, competitive, and witty or calm, content, conservative, and rarely irritated or adaptable, creative, spiritual or courageous, intelligent, staying focused, and prove efficiency, giving more attention to perfection or trust, caring, calm, and patient; a kind soul.
  3. You are fearful, nervous, angry, critical, overly attached, and lazy in your worst conditions.


Food and Activity 

  1. When it comes to the activity, you like,To be active and on the go, it's hard for you to sit still or physical activities with a purpose; competitive pursuits or Leisurely activities; sitting around. 
  2. Walking faster, looking at the ground often when you walk or purposefully, with focus and attention or slowly and leisurely. 
  3. Is your appetite varies daily; do you sometimes forget to eat or Is regular; Do you never skip meals steady; or do you like eating but can skip meals easily.
  4. When your digestion is off, you get gassy, constipated, ulcers, and heartburn.  
  5. If your stamina quickly went out; you get worn out easily or fairly strong; you can handle various physical activities or good; you have a steady energy level.
  6. Is your sleeping habits light; Do you have difficulty falling asleep or you sleep well for an average amount of time or deep; you sleep long and sound and have difficulty waking up.


Mind and Emotions 

  1. Is your moods change quickly or change slowly or are mostly steady.
  2. You are excited, anxious, worried, and fearful or you need a lot of facts before getting into an opinion or you are stubborn when you prepare your mind instantly and don't bring change often when you are under stress.
  3. Is your attention span short or detail-oriented as well as attentive?
  4. If your memory is short; you learn quickly and forget quickly generally good or good for the long-term, though you learn slowly.
  5. You are good at starting any projects but have trouble finishing them. Or organized and bird's eye view of projects from start to finish.
  6. Is your dreams frequent and colourful or romantic and occasional or Infrequent and disturbed, or intense?


Only by identifying your dosha can we find physical and mental strength solutions. In our initial consultation and your Prakriti (Constitution), In our initial consultation and your Prakriti (Constitution), we create a uniquely customized health & wellbeing plan for you to guide you towards a healthier way of being.

We create a routine & ritual plan for you that fits your individual lifestyle - including nutrition, herbs, skin & body care, and meditation. We want to ensure that these ancient traditions support your individual way of living.

You will not only receive a health-and-wellness plan customized to your individuality, but also a better understanding of yourself and your Prakriti, your constitution. You will learn how to take care not only of your body but also of your mind and soul. SKIN & HEALTH CONSULTATION



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