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Article: SKIN CARE ROUTINE-Everyone Should Know About This 

SKIN CARE ROUTINE-Everyone Should Know About This 

Your skin is the largest organ which protects your body and expresses and receives love, emotions and feelings. Gratitude is the key to opening all the doors of blessings and success & showing gratitude must start from ourselves.

Choosing the right skincare routine & products can be confusing and more stressful in busy daily life. But we made it easy for you to enjoy each step of thanking and taking care of your skin and well-being. So let's break the skincare routine into two steps: exfoliation and moisturising.
Exfoliation - This is a very important step for anyone who wants better skin tone and texture. Exfoliation involves breaking down old dead skin cells and creating new ones, which can repair damaged skin, prevent breakouts, and give your skin a smooth and glossy finish. Exfoliation can also benefit in curing acne, dry skin, and wrinkles. A good exfoliation regimen will help you achieve the best results on the surface, but it will also help your skin stay healthy for longer.
Our 100% raw, organic, natural, and Ayurvedic face cleansing oil, PUNEETHAM, can balance all tridoshas and might not only cleanse but also nourish your skin. Cleanse off the heaviness and welcome purity.
• can balance tridoshas
• can soothe & cleanse all skin types,
• can hydrate & nourish the skin
• can clear congestion & dullness
• Prevents dry skin & eczema
Massage a small amount of the facial cleansing oil onto dry skin with wet fingers. Then, cleanse off with warm water and a natural sponge. 
A self-formulated alchemisation of various organic plant-based oils. Mexican chia, Curcuma extract, Sunflower, Avocado, Coriander, Calendula, Cannabis, Tamanu, Macadamia, Ricinus, Black cumin & neem. With all the beauty and healing benefits that mother earth offers, a rich, silky plant oil might stimulate the skin for balance from within.
This formulation is enriched with vitamins A, C, D, and E. These work on the skin's surface & deeper skin layers to preserve moisture and prevent water loss. In addition, this oil has moisturising, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. 
Moisturising - Spending a lot of time on skin care products that don't give an optimal level of skin moisturisation won't be worth it and gives long-term skin damage. The skin gets dehydrated over time. It can cause many skin problems. You need to moisturise with the right organic products containing essential oils derived from natural plants which used to soothe and heal irritated and inflamed skin.
After the cleansing, hydrate your skin with hydrating mist & elixirs or balm or combine the balm and elixirs for amazing results. 
Our face hydrating botanical mist's main ingredients are lavender, rose, ravintsara and Echinacea. For burns & cuts, lavender is the first healing property. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antimicrobial and detoxifying functions. In addition, this mist reduces redness, soothes and calms the skin and rapidly heals minor cuts and scrapes, as well as any rashes. Echinacea is a cooling agent in nature. Reduce pain, calms capillaries & protects skin from oxidative stress, and improves skin hydration. In addition, this botanical blend may prevent irritated scalp & soothes the skin. 
Our Face Hydrating Mist UDAYA is pure floral water - 100% natural and organic. It balances all tridoshas and acts refreshing and hydrating for your skin and hair. 
• balances tridoshas
• can refresh skin & hair
• can hydrate all skin and hair types
• can reduce redness & inflammation
• can enhance penetration of your oils & balms
Spray onto the skin after it has been cleansed with our face cleansing oil. Then apply either our Elixirs or Balm on your moist skin. 
 Elixirs - The daily potion of regeneration with plants & botanical oils.
Our Alchemise Elixir SIDDHARASA can balance all tridoshas and be especially gentle to dry and sensitive skin. 
• Balances tridoshas
• can hydrate & repair the skin barrier
• for dry, sensitive & mature skin
SAMROPANA HEAL- this elixir can balance the two doshas pitta and Kapha, and act anti-inflammatory. The natural, organic and raw ingredients can be especially balancing for oily & prone skin.
• can balance Pitta & Kapha
• can have a soothing & anti-inflammatory effect
• for oily & prone skin
 PRAKAS BLOOM - can balance the dosha Kapha and regulate acne or oily & congested skin. The natural, organic and raw ingredients can neutralise your skin healthily and naturally. 
• can balance Kapha
• can regulate acne or oily & congested skin
 All our elixir blends of rare and organic plant-based potions. All Elixirs have, in general, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and healing properties, and we formulated them for different skin types.
Lip care: Our lip skin has different textures and layers; for lip care, we need something different and special. 
 The soft cocoon of a sheer silky botanical lip treatment.
Our Nurturing Lip Balm PARPALANA can balance all tridoshas by applying an alchemisation of silky nourishments for soft lips. It can repair chipped lips with the power of raw, organic, and natural ingredients. 
• for all tridoshas
• silky nourishment for soft lips
• can repair chipped lips
Apply a small amount on clean and dry lips.
The organic alchemy: Shea butter, beeswax, jojoba seed extract, pomegranates extract, sea buckthorn extract, black cumin extract & neem extract.
This balm is great for lip skin conditioning, protects from skin dryness and wrinkling, gives smoothness, makes skin soft & protects skin from environmental stress & helps to retain your skin's natural moisture. The great number of anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties. In addition, it calms dry-skin ailments & has high anti-ageing properties. Rejuvenates the skin inside out. It fights bacteria and fungus over your skin & acts as an antimicrobial. Reduces skin inflammation and flare-ups in lips and improves overall skin health. Stimulates collagen production, and it helps to slow down the ageing process. This balm is rich in vitamin C, E and triglyceride."
 Body oil: After the shower, either you can spray our mist all over the dry body and apply the body oil or just on your slightly wet skin apply the body oil. 
Body Abhyanga oil SHANTI - CALM The potent botanical oil blend for skin & senses.
Our SHANTI Body Abhyanga Oil can balance all tridoshas and act extremely soothing for the mind, skin & senses. It may act as a protecting cocoon of your precious being for the whole day. 
• for all tridoshas
• can soothe skin, mind & sense
• can relax neck and joints
• Soften & nourishing skin 
Our body oils can be used as nourishing skincare or shower oil. Apply a small amount on dry or moist skin or under the shower. Let the botanicals and 100% raw, organic, natural ingredients support your skin from the inside. 
The organic alchemy: This oil is a blend of grapeseed, sweet almond, sesame, tamanu, argan macadamia, sunflower, calendula & sea buckthorn. 
This body oil helps to balance and cure irritated or dry skin. In addition, it contains great antioxidants, which remove skin inflammation and protect the cell membrane. 
Vitamins A1 & B1 in this blend may reduce ageing and aging related spots & protects against environmental stress on the skin. Helps the skin to ensure a healthy skin barrier by complementing the skin's natural supply of ceramides & lipids. Protects from sun damage, heals skin infections, and improves wound healing. Softens and moisturises dry skin, hair, and cuticles. Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Neutralises free radicals. Helps relieve skin conditions such as eczema. Calms inflammation & helps potent cell regeneration, helps to produce new skin cells and keeps up skin metabolism."
After these steps you are ready to go. This routine you can easily adapt & replace other synthetic and chemical products to show kindness & gratitude to your skin. These steps easily fit into our daily grooming. 
Need some more? Sure we can put in a little bit more effort. For example, giving Gua sha face massage twice or thrice a day it have a lot of benefits skin and capillaries. On weekends you can apply our face and body mask to your skin to have a radiant skin. If you have a dry scalp and hair, you can use our hair oil to condition the hair and scalp. 
You have to prioritise the step in which area of skin or body you need give more attention. When you understand what makes your skin beautiful, you can use that knowledge to take the proper steps to improve your well-being.
"I believe to have great skin by using real, pure ingredients and products is the best self-care you give yourself, which reflects on your mind, body and soul. Overall you will improve your personality that is more authentic to yourself." 

Get your consultation, we have designed product bundles and treatments to make it easier for each individuals. Here is your shop.


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