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What the program includes

This program includes: 

1. Three Kaash Foot Massage treatments (our Kaash Foot Massage can have a deep cleansing and detoxifying effect, relax the eyes, calm the nerves and initiate rebalancing for body, mind and soul)

2. One Face Multi Reflexology - Dien Chan Zone treatment (non-invasive, non-harmful therapy that may triggers the nervous system into a state of equilibrium)

3. Our online course Holistic Ayurvedic Cleansing and Reconnection Routine (includes an ayurvedic skin-care routine and a holistic morning routine, breathing exercises (in the morning and before sleep), an Ayurvedic cleansing meal plan with Ayurvedic recipes, and tips on how to create an aligned mindful daily routine for yourself to reconnect with your mind, emotions and spirit)