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Transformational breathwork is used as a ceremony-like journey with the goal to access altered states of consciousness, resolve trauma and stuck emotions, and somatically integrate the "lost parts" of ourselves. In my sessions I use tailored variations of conscious connected breathwork that is used in Holotropic Breathwork and Rebirthing, for example.



Through a unique approach of psychology and bodywork I go into a conversation with your body - and thus with your subconscious. Through an open psychosomatic approach we establish awareness in the tissues of the body. We map out where and which emotions are stored in your body and how they influence you to this date. This allows you to come in profound contact with yourself like never before.



The stressors of life and the disowning of our true self-expression lead to dysfunctional breathing patterns and nervous system expressions. The nervous system regulates our thinking and feeling and ultimately our life experience. Through bringing back our bodies to functional breathing patterns we create a balanced homeostasis of our nervous system and thus our living expression and experience.



Emotional events that happened to us (especially during our childhood) that where too overwhelming for us to contain, too painful to feel and process in our mind were suppressed into our body, nervous system, muscles and tissues. Our body is literally the container of our subconscious - these suppressed emotions are still living there and running the show as our subconscious determines 95% of our lives. We sense that there is something off in our lives but we cant really pinpoint what it is. With emotional release, I go into a conversation with your subconscious, your body, and guide you to release these stuck emotions safely.



The nervous system has a measurable power of 300 watt. Our body has measurable energy centers and systems of energy channels - in ancient traditions also known as chakras and nadis. Our body also emits magnetic fields. Rejected emotions, memories and traumatic experiences are frequencies and energies at their core that are being repressed into the energy fields of the body. Those energy fields are interdependent and connected. Once those mechanisms are understood we can work with the energy field of the body - I do this very intuitively throughout my sessions.