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This initial consultation consists of two steps:

1. Before we start the consultation, you will receive a short wellness questionnaire that you can fill out in the comfort of your own home with a glass of tea or anything that makes you feel relaxed. This will be the preparation for our initial consultation and will give us a first idea about your overall state of wellbeing.

2. The second step is the initial one-on-one consultation with you and our founder Cornelia. You will be guided through a more in-depth intuitive conversation that will help us understand your unique constitutional makeup. Through diagnostic methodologies such as pulse diagnostics, we will be able to understand your energetic state of being, your dosha, your emotional state and so much more. A quantum resonance analysis gives us a clear picture of the health state of your organs, nutritional values and internal bodily functions. We deepen this understanding through a subtle chakra and energy-flow analysis. This process will lay the foundation of an inside-out healing approach. 

This will lead to a provisional or final diagnosis - with our holistic approach we then can initiate transformations of your emotions, as well as mental, physical- and spiritual health. You will receive individual recommendations on how to build a healthy relationship with your ahara, your “food” - what and how to eat in a mindful way that benefits your body, mind, and soul. You will receive therapy recommendations consisting of herbs, teas, and lifestyle changes and incorporation of sacred routines that are in balance with your work- and social environment leaving you with an overall plan on how to find back to your health and yourself - holistically, in tune with nature.