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Sound therapy is a very profound method to work with our bodies on a cellular level. Healing sound waves are vibrating at a specific frequency that directly resonate with the frequencies of the body. 

Sound also stimulates the brain waves - we reach theta waves which promote high relaxation and a deeper connection to our subconscious. It is the state we reach shortly before we fall asleep or in trance. Sound helps us to get in touch with the deepest layers, which also facilitates the process of resolving trauma and stuck energy.

In my holistic breath therapy sessions I not only intuitively use instruments of sonic healing frequencies such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, and drums - I also work together with a generative music software born through the research of neuroscientists on the therapeutic potential of music. This allows me to design a UNIQUE musical journey emotionally attuned to YOU, which is a healing journey itself. 

After our session you will receive a unique copy of the musical journey for you to integrate. This musical journey is unrepeatable and unique matching your healing journey of our 2h session - no one else will ever experience the same musical journey.