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CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TREATMENT Signature crystal healing Facial

  • deep silky oil cleansing
  • soul-nurturing green tea and jasmine aroma steam
  • deep cleansing with plant enzyme peelings, clay and red algae, sandalwood and mint
  • botanical power food for the skin with Centella asiatica
  • revitalization and stimulation of the skin through borage and frankincense
  • deep collagen synthesis
  • stimulating acupressure massage with rose quartz and selected crystals which relax the muscles and deep tissues
  • support of the lymphatic flow and dissolution of toxins
  • chakra opening and the release of energetic blockages


Suitable for anyone that: 

  • experiences a lot of stress and seeks release
  • seeks an expansion of their consciousness and spirituality through a ritual-like treatment
  • is on a personal healing journey
  • experiences sadness, depression, or burnout and wants to welcome more joy and happiness into their lives