Holistic Breath Therapy and Sound Healing

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We live in a world where we numb our emotions. We stuff them, repress them, ignore them and disown them.

Holistic healing sound therapy is a non-invasive healing practice that uses sound vibrations to restore balance and promote well-being in the body, mind, and spirit. Holistic healing sound therapy has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, and improve sleep and mood.

Our breath and our emotions are inseparably intertwined - by holding our breath we deactivate our emotions. Stuffed emotions result in restricted breathing. We do not allow ourselves to breath because that would mean we would need to feel. So we breathe shallowly.

This behaviour requires an enormous amount of energy in order to repress - our body starts to tension up and store these emotions in the tissues. The repressed feelings affect our behaviour and our life unconsciously. Our mind forgets these feelings - but our body never does. Trauma and emotions that are stored in the body eventually manifest as pain, discomfort, illness and diseases, but also subconscious repetitive partners - like always attracting the same type of toxic people, always having problems with money...

Through Breath Therapy we get the chance to directly access these stored energies, release and transmute them and find deep root-cause healing from within.

I intuitively go into a conversation with your subconscious through your body - safely releasing trauma, unresolved memory and stuck emotions that our body holds for years, decades and even centuries from our ancestors. I use science-based approaches of neuro-emotional techniques, transformative breathwork and modern psychosomatics to decode the root cause of your patterns and re-teach your nervous system to react differently in given situations.   


Transformational breathwork is used as a ceremony-like journey with the goal to access altered states of consciousness, resolve trauma and stuck emotions, and somatically integrate the "lost parts" of ourselves. In my sessions I use tailored variations of conscious connected breathwork that is used in Holotropic Breathwork and Rebirthing, for example.



Through a unique approach of psychology and bodywork I go into a conversation with your body - and thus with your subconscious. Through an open psychosomatic approach we establish awareness in the tissues of the body. We map out where and which emotions are stored in your body and how they influence you to this date. This allows you to come in profound contact with yourself like never before.



The stressors of life and the disowning of our true self-expression lead to dysfunctional breathing patterns and nervous system expressions. The nervous system regulates our thinking and feeling and ultimately our life experience. Through bringing back our bodies to functional breathing patterns we create a balanced homeostasis of our nervous system and thus our living expression and experience.



Emotional events that happened to us (especially during our childhood) that where too overwhelming for us to contain, too painful to feel and process in our mind were suppressed into our body, nervous system, muscles and tissues. Our body is literally the container of our subconscious - these suppressed emotions are still living there and running the show as our subconscious determines 95% of our lives. We sense that there is something off in our lives but we cant really pinpoint what it is. With emotional release, I go into a conversation with your subconscious, your body, and guide you to release these stuck emotions safely.



The nervous system has a measurable power of 300 watt. Our body has measurable energy centers and systems of energy channels - in ancient traditions also known as chakras and nadis. Our body also emits magnetic fields. Rejected emotions, memories and traumatic experiences are frequencies and energies at their core that are being repressed into the energy fields of the body. Those energy fields are interdependent and connected. Once those mechanisms are understood we can work with the energy field of the body - I do this very intuitively throughout my sessions.


Sound therapy is a very profound method to work with our bodies on a cellular level. Healing sound waves are vibrating at a specific frequency that directly resonate with the frequencies of the body. 

Sound also stimulates the brain waves - we reach theta waves which promote high relaxation and a deeper connection to our subconscious. It is the state we reach shortly before we fall asleep or in trance. Sound helps us to get in touch with the deepest layers, which also facilitates the process of resolving trauma and stuck energy.

In my holistic breath therapy sessions I not only intuitively use instruments of sonic healing frequencies such as crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, and drums - I also work together with a generative music software born through the research of neuroscientists on the therapeutic potential of music. This allows me to design a UNIQUE musical journey emotionally attuned to YOU, which is a healing journey itself. 

After our session you will receive a unique copy of the musical journey for you to integrate. This musical journey is unrepeatable and unique matching your healing journey of our 2h session - no one else will ever experience the same musical journey.  

If you experience anything of these, your nervous system is most probably in dysregulation - but we can alter this through the breath:

  • chronic overthinking
  • symptoms of stress and burn-out
  • emotional overwhelm
  • anxiety- and panic disorders
  • difficulties to express emotions
  • feeling stuck and a lack in motivation
  • digestive issues such as IBS, SIBO, pain, constipation or bloating
  • a low immune system
  • tension in the jaw and grinding at night
  • chronic pain, aches or muscle tension
  • autoimmune issues and chronic inflammation
  • insomnia and sleep difficulties
  • chronic fatigue and brain fog
  • ADHD
  • unhealthy habits and addictions (work, food, exercise, weed, smoking...)

    MENTALLY/EMOTIONALLY, breath therapy can help you to:

    • reduce of stress
    • get total control of your emotions and emotional life experience
    • regulate worry and anxiety disorders
    • reduce panic attacks
    • regulate self-sabotaging patterns
    • regulate depression and negative emotions
    • improve mental and emotional clarity
    • increase creativity
    • improve self-esteem and self-awareness
    • open the heart
    • improve awareness and attention (regulation of ADHD)
    • improve deep rest and sleep

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