BATH soak HIMALAYA SALT Aroma & Petals 240ml

CHF 25

Detox Your Body in Abundance With Himalayan Salt Aroma & Petals Bath Salts

Salt has long been admired for its ability to detoxify and heal the body.  Bathing or soaking  in pure Himalayan salt aroma mixed with petals bath salts can cure ailments and aches in the body and soothe the mind. If you're looking for a bath salt that offers therapeutic help and supports your body's natural processes, try SKIND’s  Himayalan  Salt Aroma & Petals Bath Salts. The salts represent the health challenges we all face: Balance, Calm, Detox, Immune Boost, Recover, Renew and Rest. 

SKIND’s Bath Salts contain therapeutic levels of organic and wild-crafted herbal extracts and essential oil, as well as sea minerals and electrolytes. To get the most benefits from these ingredients, they need to be uniformly dispersed in the water, fully absorbed by the skin, and go directly into your bloodstream. Our formulation is made specifically for this purpose, using natural minerals that soften the water for a luxurious bath experience. Not all bath salts formulas are formulated this way.



  • Soothes aches and pains
  • Draws out negative energy 
  • Helps ward off the evil eye. 
  • Calms arthritis
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Cleans and heals wound and skin
  • Neutralizes skins PH
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Calming for mind
  • Promotes good mood
  • Helps with relaxation and sleep

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