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  • Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed into a tranquil and serene atmosphere conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • We will assess your dosha (constitution) and actual state of health to select the appropriate herbal oils that suit your unique needs.
  • Using smooth, flowing strokes, the herbal oil is gently applied all over the body, paying special attention to vital energy points and areas of tension.
  • You can enjoy a deep state of relaxation by sensing the herbal essences of the warm oil poured on the top of your head - your crown chakra
  • While massaging your body, scalp, head, neck, ears, and shoulders, we trigger the tissues to release tension and bring back stagnant energy into a continuous flow
  • We harmonise your individual bio energy by rebalancing your unique constitution of your doshas
  • Enjoy a deep state of surrender in a powerful integration phase