Here to create magic together.

We are looking for heartful people to build our team and spread the message of “SKINDNESS”

close-up of a woman's décolleté with a little yellow pressed and dried flower on the skin on the heart area and her hands nearby touching the white blouse that she is wearing


Holistic Therapist / Ayurveda Therapist / Holistic Esthetician / Massage Therapist




SKIND (former offers Ayurvedic consultations/treatments as well as Ayurvedic skin therapies and holistic beauty treatments in a holistic concept. The skin is the barrier between the inner & outer world and the gateway to stimulate healing from within through the nervous system. We use this principle to create well-being, balance and harmony in an alchemization with Ayurvedic knowledge. At the same time we are kind to ourselves and nature.

To strengthen our team, we are looking for a loyal soul who embodies mindfulness and empathy. You will have a holistic, enriching and fulfilling healing journey with us while enjoying a friendly, supportive team and beautiful work environment. Please only apply if you really want to grow with us and be a valuable member of our team in the long term!



  • Ideally, you should be a trained beautician, masseuse, or therapist/health practitioner
  • It should be easy for you to be present and make room for clients and their emotional and spiritual well-being
  • You should have the capacity to be fully involved in the client's experience - from welcoming to treating to aftercare
  • You should always have an open ear and heart
  • It should not be a problem for you to professionally look after international clients with different cultural backgrounds and to deeply honor their individual needs
  • Ideally, you have already collected points of contact with natural healing, mindfulness and well-being, and see the "Big Picture" in holistic healing
  • Ideally, you already have many hands-on customer experiences and are willing to learn, heal, and grow
  • High reliability and independent work are your nature
  • You feel very connected to our vision, mission and values


Please send your application and more about you as a person to: