CHF 35

The soft cocoon of a sheer silky botanical lip treatment a smoothing blend of organic shea butter & bee wax

When it comes to taking care of your lips, it's essential to use a product that can provide nourishment and hydration to keep them healthy and smooth. The Nurturing Lip Balm PARPALANA is an excellent option for anyone looking for a premium lip care product that can balance all tridoshas, providing a holistic approach to lip care.

 This premium lip balm contains an alchemisation of silky nourishments that help to restore your lips' natural texture and glow. It's made with 100% raw, organic, and natural ingredients, which means you can use it with confidence, knowing that you're not putting any harmful chemicals on your skin.

• for all tridoshas
• silky nourishment for soft lips
• can repair chipped lips

Apply a small amount on clean and dry lips.

The organic alchemy: Shea butter, beeswax, jojoba seed extract, pomegranates extract, sea buckthorn extract, black cumin extract & neem extract.
This balm is great for skin conditioning, protects from skin dryness and wrinkling, gives smoothness, makes skin soft & protects skin from environmental stress & helps to retain your skin's natural moisture. The great number of anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial properties. In addition, it calms dry-skin ailments & has high anti-ageing properties. Rejuvenates the skin inside out. It fights bacteria and fungus over your skin & acts as an antimicrobial. Reduces skin inflammation and flare-ups in lips and improves overall skin health. Stimulates collagen production, and it helps to slow down the ageing process. This balm is rich in vitamin C, E and triglyceride."

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