Nabhi Chikitsa - Navel Treatment

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Our Nabhi Chikitsa Navel treatment can be a very beautiful and wholesome treatment - in Ayurveda, we say that our navel is the seed of our consciousness. It is the gateway to our soul. This treatment can be a very powerful treatment aiming to clear the paths for self healing from the root. 

Known to be one of the best and most effective holistic therapy, this NABHI CHIKITSA can have many benefits. It might help us to release toxins from our system and help us to ease into healthy recovery. We pour 100% organic, raw and Ayurvedic herbal oil on the navel. The warmth of the oil can create a very pleasant experience. This may reduce bloating and constipation. 

In each treatment, we work holistically - not only aiming to relieve physical, but also mental ailments. Explore what we treat here.  

Our Nabhi Treatment stimulates the navel which may have unique healing benefits:
  • Any stimulation of our navel also stimulates the vagus nerve which is the direct connection between our bodies and our brain. We can stimulate deep relaxation through our navel
  • The navel has over 72,000 nerve endings - when we stimulate these nerve endings into relaxation, we stimulate the whole body into relaxation
  • with this treatment we can stimulate deep healing from inside out




the treatment can offer relief from:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Hyperacidity
  • Toxins in the body 


The treatment can offer relief from any conditions related to:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Tiredness
  • Feelings of being stuck in patterns or any life situations


The treatment can cause:

  • an opening of the channels towards self-healing
  • a stimulating effect on the abdominal organs towards rebalance
  • a discharge of the colons, urinary system and reproductive system
  • balancing of Vata and Pita

Mentally / emotionally:

The treatment can cause:

  • Feeling good in one's skin
  • A deep connection to self and higher self
  • Expansion of your consciousness
  • More balance and mindfulness
  • Happiness and deep relaxation 

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